off day day off

Dear Norman,
hahaaaaaaaha well, I for sure, certainly succeeded in completely wasting this day. It's really not that bad, I kind of earned it. My days off are rare lately. I'm not working a bad amount of hours but I do usually work at least one job/day.


I'm having baileys and coffee and I'm going to go to Nic show's at the Rivoli in a bit here and get my energies up somehow. Comeonnnn coffeee.
oh shit, I just found some baileys chocolates as well....

(at Mrs. and Arrow's Christmas party)

Went to Hoops last night with Carla Ghee and some of our other pals and I was sitting in the basically empty pub in a row at the bar with two dudes who hadn't joined there before and they were like "this is like a living room. only the best living room ever with a very attentive mom"
The two bartenders I've had so far are sooo nice. One is from last year but one is new. They are the sweetest and like my jokes.
Also Carla Ghee and I were super happy to have a completely brandnew audience of pals last night for our hockey jokes. We've been killing it lately with the jokes but it's okay we'll tell you all of them when you're back and it'll be like it's fresh all over again for you.

Norman, I had a weird thought the other day. Why (IN THE HELL) do I get involved with/stay involved with people I don't genuinely like as much as I like my best friends? Have we talked about this before? Maybe.
I've been thinking about it now that I'm home with Cpt. Heh more often and I love him sooo much and am happy to see him and think he's funny and excellent. I would never worry about bringing him out with buds or worry he wasn't handsome enough/funny enough. I'm proud to be seen with him.
Quick clarification: I am not in love with Cpt. and neither is he with me. I'm using him as an example because I feel like men are different than women and here is a man who is one of my favourite people.
Why do I consider making romantic interests a priority who aren't as good as my best friends?

A shit thing about involvements is that they pretty much take over in terms of importance and time and obligation. And we give our time and energy to these people who frequently end up being not worth it. Whywhywhyyyy

Okay, I'm in a nasty bit of mood. Not about any of that. Just in general! A general nasty little mood!

(adventure cat adventure cat!)

(little cousin so so cute) (also the funniest and sweetest. along with her beautiful siblings, of course.)


It's so rainy out and what kind of jacket am I supposed to wear? it's so cold.
When I was younger in Saskatoon in the summertime I'd borrow my mum's giant yellow rain cape and sit in the yard for what seemed like hours (but was probably only 15 minutes) watching the rain and pretending to be jane goodall.
hahaaa I don't remember why I thought I was like Jane Goodall considering there were 100% no chimps or apes in my backyard whatsoever. Something to do with that documentary my mum and I had watched at one point, I guess.

(Christmas eve birthday outfit featuring double-tights. it was soo so cold this Christmas in Saskatoon. Also, that's my current favourite outfit. no contest.)

Also when I was younger I for sure thought I would stand still long enough with birdseed on my hands for long enough to have the sparrows and chickadees come rest on my fingertips but I have no patience for anything I'm not immediately good at (explains my success in life) and so that, also, was short-lived.

(Christmas morning face.)

Does anyone have any friends I can stay with in Paris or in a seaside english town?
Hmmm. I have decisions to make and imagine if I just had money? Then everything would be simple and life would be perfect.
I don't like to admit to being worried about money which is hilarious because I really should be!

I hope I am never too proud to wear depends.

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